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R4 will completely change the way you sell. 
It's a business-building machine that...
Works no matter what services you are selling or who you're selling to
Shows you *exactly* what you should be selling to your prospective customer
Positions you as an expert and preferred person to work with
Instills confidence in your prospects that you have the ability to help them
Gets you paid premium prices for your services
And is easy to learn, whether you are new or experienced in this business
Save 70% Off of The Normal Price of $497 While There is Still Time!
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What's Included?
OK, let’s get down to brass tacks. What’s inside this thing? 

What ISN'T?! 

This is the MOST COMPLETE sales training system you'll find in this industry!

Here's what you’ll receive:
R4 Foundational Sales Training
“Boot camp” basic training so you have the skills you absolutely *MUST* have to build your business quickly:
  • R4 System Overview - Learn why it works, how it works and what you’ll accomplish
  • Selling to the SMB Marketplace - Identifying the unique challenges and opportunities
  • Are You Making These Big Sales Mistakes? - To know them is to successfully avoid them!
  • What It Takes to Be Successful in Sales - The attitude, behaviors and skills you need
  • Mindset of a Sales Champion - How to mentally prepare yourself for success
R4 Sales System Tools
  • R4 Audit - A systematic way of evaluating prospects so you end up with clients who value your work and will pay top dollar for it!
  • R4 Sales Process - From prospecting to closing, we’ll give you a structured sales process so you can be sure you’re executing a solid, proven strategy from beginning to end.
  • R4 Conversation Guide - Learn to identify your prospects’ business goals and detail the impact your services will have so you can build long-term client relationships.
  • R4 Service Alignment Tool - Get a detailed list of recommended services to provide for each of the top targeted industries so you save time on hours of research!
  • R4 Proposal Template - Leverage a proposal template that’s optimized to underscore your professionalism, strengthen your price positioning and secure new business.
R4 Sales System Turnkey Templates
Sales materials and swipe files to help fill your funnel with qualified, strategic minded clients. You’ll find ALL the content you need to support your R4 sales process including (but not limited to!):
  • Direct Mail Pieces - Customizable, professionally designed and camera ready.
  • Email Prospecting Scripts - Field-tested and proven to generate a response from even the coldest of contacts.
  • PowerPoint Presentations - Compelling copy and professionally designed imagery to put your best foot forward.
  • Educational Webinars - Position you as an authority and trusted advisor to small businesses.
  • Project Proposal Templates - Demonstrate your professionalism and help you win new clients.
Make This Your Biggest Year Yet!
At the end of this course, you will ...
Know exactly what you should sell, for how much, and to whom...
Have a step-by-step prospecting and sales process...
Have sales and marketing materials that you can use to get to work immediately...
Have the confidence to sell like a pro and control your financial future!
Save 70% Off of The Normal Price of $497 While There is Still Time!
*Backed by our 1 year, no-hassle, 100% money back guarantee!
Recordings of Live Training Calls
Call topics include:
  • Phone Sales: Secrets and Strategies - Let Mike teach you the secrets he’s learned so you can approach your sales calls with confidence and start counting on more closes!
  • The Power of Question-based Selling - Learn to leverage questions to explore your prospects’ pain points and better fit your services to fit your prospects’ needs.
  • Objection Handling: Brush Off Their Brush Offs! - Get strategies on powering through inevitable objections from prospects so you get the chance to prove the value of your services.
  • Closing the Sale! - Learn the top strategies to ensure you reap the benefits of all your hard work with higher sales conversions and more money in the bank!
Powerful Sales Tools 
  • Sales Goal & Activity Tracker - An interactive tool that helps you gain valuable insight into what’s most effective in your sales approach.
  • Mike Cooch’s Killer Goal-Setting Process - A complete process for documenting clear goals so you can measure success and better understand what your hard work is outlined to deliver.
  • Triangular Role Playing System - This is the easiest and most efficient way I've found to role play your different sales scripts and quickly commit them to memory.
Local Sales Boot Camp Event Recordings 
  • Complete recordings of Mike’s educational sessions - Get access to ALL of the training Mike presented at Boot Camp so you can continue to expand your sales skills.
  • A view into the interactive session on perfecting your elevator pitch - Watch as Mike role-plays with Boot Camp attendees and get detailed insight into ways to perfect your pitch.
  • Recorded Q&A session and event wrap up - Hear Mike’s answers to your peers’ questions and get a conclusive wrap up of the live training.
Additional Training to Help You Scale Up! 
  • Vertical Domination Training Course - Learn how to leverage channels and aggregators in existing verticals to accelerate your reach and increase sales explosively.
  • How to Hire & Pay Appointment Setters​- Learn how to find, interview, train and compensate Appointment Setters to help fill your pipeline for you.
  • How to Hire & Pay Salespeople - Learn how to find, interview, and compensate Salespeople so you don't waste a fortune on mis-hires!
Save 70% Off of The Normal Price of $497 While There is Still Time!
*Backed by our 1 year, no-hassle, 100% money back guarantee!
Earnings Disclaimer
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