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From the desk of Mike Cooch
San Diego, California
Hey there,

It’s Mike Cooch.

At the end of the day, what your clients want is more revenue.

While you probably don't want to be on the hook for actually growing their revenue...

(you could just take over their business if you were willing to do that)

...generating them good qualified leads is a fantastic second best.

Which is why being able to generate leads for businesses is a very valuable skill to have.
And selling leads is one of the EASIEST things you can possibly sell a client!
Instead of asking for a management fee to run their ad campaigns or manage their reputation or something like that… don’t have to ask them for anything other than a commitment to pay you for the leads you generate them.

You deliver, or they don’t pay. 

It’s a win-win!

That’s a MUCH easier sales pitch.

So, how do you generate those leads?
Well, there are all kinds of good ways. You could:

Do SEO to rank lead generation sites...or...

Send out direct mail pieces with coupons…

Or run Adwords campaigns…

And over time, you should probably do all of those things.

But I’ve found that the fastest and easiest way to generate leads for most businesses is to use Facebook ad campaigns.
As you already know, Facebook is the most powerful ad platform on the planet. 

And when you know how to use it’s like being able to bring a gun to a knife fight.

You have a competitive advantage over everyone else!

And the thing I like most about it is that you can get results FAST!

Fire up a campaign in the morning, and you’re generating leads that afternoon.

Which means, if you follow the approach I outline...

you can start generating revenue from clients almost immediately!
watch over my shoulder and i'll show you how...
In the Simple Local Lead Generation System, I show you exactly how you can start generating leads for local clients immediately using Facebook ads.
Here's what you'll learn:
  • What industries to target with lead generation and why...
  • The incredibly simple sales approach we use to land these deals…
  • How to price your leads so that you are making good margins, but your clients are also getting tremendous value...
  • Our step-by-step approach to quickly, easily and affordably test lead generation campaigns to find what will work and what won't (you'll see, I make plenty of mistakes!)...
  • How to set up your Facebook pixels to track conversions (these can become one of your most valuable assets - I'll show you why!)...
  • How to create Facebook Custom Audiences that you can leverage for cheaper leads over time!
  • How to make sure you are building your own reusable assets - instead of just building assets for your clients - so that you can scale and build the long term value of your business.
  • The exact tools we use for building pages, tracking calls, and invoicing our clients...all of the important but non-sexy stuff of running this business!
  • What to do when your ads happens!
  • And - most importantly - I’m going to demonstrate exactly how I used this model to get a new client, start generating leads, and generate a few thousand dollars in revenue almost immediately.
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I sincerely hope you are able to take advantage of this opportunity, and that your business opportunities multiply because of it!
All the best,

Mike Cooch
Local Sales Lab, LLC
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